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Course Framework

Courses of Underguaduate

Courses of Guaduate


   The course framework and design in the department are focused on the complementation and progress of the courses on “technology” and “theory”, taking technical course as the main point and cultivation of excellent performance quality as target. The first layer of the ring course framework refers to “technical courses of core performance” (that is, “major course”, “minor course” and “concert”). The second layer gets involved in “introduction of folk songs”, “introduction of folk musical instrument”, “introduction of rap music” and “introduction of opera music” which introduce the varieties and forms of the folk music. Courses on music history in the third layer is composed of “Taiwan music history”, “Chinese music history”, “Chinese modern and contemporary music history”, and “western music history”, so as to establish the students’ music outlook of “standing in Taiwan to have a global view”. The forth layer starts from the courses on the recognition of local culture, such as “primitive music”, “east music” and “world music”, to enlarge the music horizon and cultivate the music outlook of “making a general survey and focusing on the tradition” of the students. As for courses in the fifth layer, they are in the widest range, including the ones in four kinds: “musicology/music research courses”, “courses on technical theory”, “application courses” and some “technical courses”. The students can select the courses according to their own willing and interests, so as to cultivate them in multiple interests and professions.(refer to the figure below)