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Courses of Underguaduate

Courses of Guaduate



Focus of the Department of Chinese Music - Students in our department are required to thoroughly investigate Chinese music culture. At the same time, students pay close attention to Taiwan local music, approaching the topic from a Taiwan point of view. In addition to a focus on Nan-guan, Bei-guan, Taiwan Opera, Hakka, Ho-lo, and aboriginal music, the department also introduces Asian and world music. So while students develop a broad view of music, the department instils in students a concrete identification with traditional musical culture.

The basis of our department is performance. We hold large-scale “project performances,” “musical instrument series performances,” “research achievement concerts,” “class concerts,” “recitals,” and “graduation performances,” demonstrating student achievements in the arrangement of different form, content and themes.


Education in the Department of Chinese Music -

The curriculum in this department focuses on both technique and theory, which complement each other as students progress in their programs. The curriculum can be seen as a set of concentric circles. At the hub are core performance technique courses which deal with majors, minors, ensemble, and so on. On the second level are courses related to folk music such as “Introduction to Folk Songs,” “Folk Instruments,” and so on. The third level includes the music history group such as “Chinese Music History,” “Western Music History,” and so on. The fourth level is based on broad cultural distinctions such as “Aboriginal Music,” “Oriental Music,” and “World Music.” The outer level includes the “Music Studies/Theory Group,” the “Technical Theory Group,” and so on.

Our department offers BFA and MA degrees.